How BunnyJack came to be How BunnyJack came to be

How BunnyJack came to be

By Angela E. Martini

How BunnyJack came to be How BunnyJack came to be

BunnyJack is a manifestation of values, convictions, and, above all else, real love. Love is one of our world’s strongest and most enduring forces. It was that truth that inspired our company. 

We believe that we all have the responsibility to create a better society. You can learn more about our philosophy of karma here.

We wish to cultivate a newfound consciousness that welcomes all walks of life. By collaborating and empowering our community, we affect society as a whole.

Our BunnyJack efforts were inspired by the combination of two abundantly treasured companions. “The Velveteen Rabbit,” written in 1922 by Margery Williams, is our cornerstone for sharing the gift of goodness. Her tale of the capacity of real love and its ability to bring anything to life informed our mission and spirit.

Our founder’s cherished Jack Russell Terrier, aptly named Jack, personifies real love.  He carries a heart as big and as bright as the sun. His love and loyalty inspires our desire to help others.

These important examples of sharing unconditional kindness came to together in our name: BunnyJack.