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By General BunnyJack

Our Founder Our Founder

Founder and Jack's Best Friend

A woman with a great spirit and a keen eye, but more than that—an open heart with the desire to give. It’s through Maryana’s journey that the BUNNYJACK ideal came to be. Her wholehearted nature is a unique gift that was fostered in Texas, matured by the aesthetic of Switzerland, and ultimately tested in her on and off again home of New York City.  She rises with the sun, warms and heals like it too. If there were ever an embrace to be had, it would be with her.  Steadfast in the belief that morality and virtue are innate values that begin in the days of childhood. It is Maryana’s goal to bring out the benevolence in others, as well as return and multiply those seeds of goodness our society needs.

"BunnyJack was founded on a very simple and basic principle, the desire to plant seeds of goodness, these seeds will grow in the community in which we exist and will allow possibilities and change to flourish.  It is a simple wish but dreams can not be realized without taking new steps into a long journey. We all have a responsibility for betterment and care within our society, help us achieve this simple goal by either making a purchase on our website or become an active participant by joining as a Best Buddy of BunnyJack and help us to extend the reach of our hug. Thanks!" Maryana