Changing your view, words and our world… October 28 2016

As I sat on the subway yesterday I realized what was happening around me; the mess, sounds and the inability for many to notice that another may need their seat more than they do.

Many of us have the ability to lose ourselves into our own world and not see what is around us and in order to create a betterment we must be willing to start seeing what’s standing within our own shadow.

As I reflected upon the happenings in the subway car, I realized that I could lose myself in this reality or I could start to offer something more to others. I started a little mantra, chant, wish or pray within my mind to send out the positive within my space so I started with three words; “love, kindness, goodness”  

The idea of sharing positive feelings and offering the possibility through this simple action, maybe somehow, it will reach some of the people in my surroundings and touched my heart deeply. I realized that I was a person that needed to change her view as well in order to give to others in a positive and healthy way and for me it started on this crowded subway car by offering those three words, love, kindness, goodness.

Let us all offer words that may start to offer a positive change!