Dear Mr. President, January 20 2017

Dear Mr. President,

Thank you for the eight years of service you've given to us and championing for causes that touch many of our lives. Your dedication, care, grace, respect, elegance, humor and decency is something that made many of us cast our votes for you. We as a nation will discover new truths everyday and grow forward believing that many of your initiatives will continue to grow. Not one US Citizen should be without proper healthcare and should have the possibility of receiving a great education in all levels of learning and neighborhoods. None of us should rest until all our brothers and sisters live in a country where dreams may continue, healthy food and water are a norm, education is being offered, health care is honest and correct no matter your socioeconomic position. Let's hold onto the Hope that you, Mr. President, brought into many of our lives!
We at BunnyJack appreciate and love President Obama!


Photograph by official White House photographer Pete Souza