Many of us choose not to see the reality before our eyes but end up believing in a watered down version of the truth.  

The $682 billion spent by the U.S in 2012, according to The Office of Management and Budget, was more than the $652 billion of these ten countries combined: Russia, China, United Kingdom, Japan, France, Saudi Arabia, India, Germany, Italy and Brazil.  What benefit to humanity are we actually creating and what facade are we living behind that without industry in the US we are not able to sustain our country if something of great tragedy occurs. 

Unfortunately, we as a country are investing too much money into military and not enough into the value of human life, Mother Earth, housing, education, healthcare, science, etc.

Change cannot take place for a betterment in our communities, society or world until we stop investing in killing, wars, destruction and hatred.  Take a moment to ask yourself, "When did hatred start breeding at an alarming pace and when did we stop valuing the importance of saving lives and not killing more of them?"

When did objects replace the value of the heart?  If some of us take the subways or walk on the streets in busy cities, we start to notice how many people are not present in what they are doing, what is in front of them or where they are going, but trying to discover more of a life on their phones.  How many people are able to sit alone in silence and feel the awesome sense of peace you are able to create by just being still and breathing.  We take so much for granted and one of them is not caring enough to save lives and discovering new ways of creating peace, investing into humanity and not destroying it. 

Let's all continue to discover the truth, spread love, offer respect to ourselves and others and begin everyday by being present!  

We believe in valuing life over destroying it at BunnyJack!