The Continuation of Breeding Hatred January 05 2017

As we begin into this New Year of Seventeen we all must ask ourselves why hatred continues and what is the core cause.  

We see suffering around the world for many different reasons but when it is ongoing and continuously happening in our own backyard in America, as a society, we should start to take notice and ask how  we stop the breeding of hatred.  For some reason we watch it expanding and the only option is to start a movement that will shower our community, society and world the power love.  The one changing and powerful emotion that will block ignorance from spreading and hatred from breeding is the feeling of love.  Taking what is in the darkness and bringing into the light.

Help us to discover and create more ways of offering love through actions, words and thoughts.  Lets all wake up everyday with the intention of offering love, kindness and goodness not only for our selves but for others around us.  The tide of change is coming so why not be a part of it!

Start spreading love and offer more of it daily!  We love all at BunnyJack!